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Artists depiction

We are a Grade 3/4 class at an Australian International School in Balikpapan, East Kalimantan, Borneo. Our cultural heritage is diverse; we come from South Africa, Ireland, Indonesia, America, India, Singapore, Australia and Greece. We speak a mixture of languages and have a million unique experiences. Our classroom teacher is Miss Felicity Mitchell, and she teaches us all subjects including Choir, Art and Music. We created these visual scores at school by using textas, pencils and black markers on paper. We are excited about our debut as composers and we hope we get really famous.


Alan Lee

Alan is a policy analyst by day and musician by night with bents on the side including graphic design and sustainability.

Trained from a young age in piano and later trombone, he has worked since the mid-90s as an instrumentalist, composer and musical coach with diverse soloists and ensembles from children to adults.

His output includes a chamber opera staged at Melbourne Museum, works performed by Melbourne Symphony, Orchestra Victoria, Duo Sol, Song Company and Speak Percussion as well as film and theatre music. Most recently he staged a concert of Australian music and images in a 14th century Chinese temple as part of the Year of Australian Culture in China.

In addition to a Bachelor of Music, he holds a Bachelor of Arts from the University of Melbourne and an interdisciplinary Masters from ANU. Since 2010 he has been based in Beijing where he works on climate change programs. http://alandavidlee.wordpress.com

Stephanie Kabanyana, photo by Yacek.

Following on from a degree in Music Composition and subsequent studies in Arts Education and Administration, Stéphanie is now the Director of Art Kabanyana.
Originally born from a desire to assist, develop and promote young emerging artists who are impeded by challenging officialdom and administration, Art Kabanyana has in time become the neurocentre for Stéphanie’s many hats: A Manager in Production, Project, Arts Administration and School Programs, to Producer, Sound Designer, Performance Artist and Composer. The company focusses on projects engaging in multicultural and community arts and development, new music, and indigenous music education. 
Recently, Stéphanie has worked with Creative Original Music Adelaide, Musica Viva Ménage, Arena Theatre Company, Next Wave, The Collingwood Underground Arts Park, Richmond Housing Estate Moon Lantern Festival, and The Substation.
Currently, Stéphanie is focussing her energy into being the School Programs Manager at Music Outback Foundation, as well as collaborating with Miranda Hill in 3 Shades Black New Music Ensemble and co-founding Melbourne’s newest community development organisation, Collaborative Cultures.
Stephanie has created a score working with Caitlyn Murphy.
Caitlyn is a recent graduate of Griffith University’s Bachelor of Multimedia, majoring in Film and TV Production. Caitlyn’s most recent projects include working with Brisbane’s Anti Poverty Week Campaign, Link Up’s touring exhibition Sustaining Connections, and Music Outback Foundation’s 2011 MOBFEST Tanami Festival. Caitlyn currently works with Link Up Queensland in the Media and Multimedia Team.

Alisa Willis

New Zealand flutist Alisa Willis is an active freelancer in NZ and Australia with a long-held interest in new music and free improvisation. Having studied in the USA, Germany and NZ with John Wion, Janet Arms, Robert Aitken and Uwe Grodd, she has performed with the new music ensembles Karlheinz Company, VorEcho, Chronophonie and Aleantoric 5. Alisa performs regularly with the New Zealand Symphony and Auckland Philharmonia Orchestras and has just finished touring Australia with OzOpera. She loves words, spoonerisms and puns.

Bettina Crimmins

Bettina’s performing habits suggest she’s leading a double life: For the last few years she has been thoroughly enjoying travelling in order to play with the Queensland, Tasmanian, Adelaide, Christchurch and Singapore Symphony Orchestras as well as Orchestra Victoria as an orchestral oboist.

What many might not know about is her passion and obsession for New Music. While living in Germany, Bettina performed with regularly with new music ensembles including Ensemble Modern and ensemble chronophonie in many of the world’s finest concert houses, including the Lincoln Centre, Barbican Centre and Konzerthaus Berlin.

Bettina studied in Germany with renowned oboists Heinz Holliger and Hans Elhorst with the assistance of a German Government scholarship. Prior to this she completed a B.Mus.(Hons) under tutelage of David Nuttall. She is hoping the thesis she recently submitted is good enough to receive a Master of Music which was undertaken with the supervision of Eve Newsome and Dr. Stephen Emmerson.

Bettina is also a highly experienced and dedicated teacher and loves introducing her students (gently) to the world of experimental music.

Adam SImmons

Adam is a composer and multi-instrumentalist, having been involved across many different scenes within Melbourne and beyond since 1990. In 2004, Adam received a Special Award from the Freedman Foundation. For the 2006 Melbourne Fringe Festival, a special Retrospective of Adam’s work was held – featuring over 200 musicians in 40 configurations over three weeks. Musicians Adam has worked with include: Ernest Ranglin, Nigel Kennedy, Peter Brotzmann, Odean Pope, The Mavis’s and CW Stoneking.

Current ensembles include: Adam Simmons Toy Band, Adam Simmons Quartet, Origami, New Blood, Nick Tsiavos Ensemble, BOLT Ensemble, Embers, Tania Bosak’s Beijao, Steve Purcell’s Pearly Shells, Big Fela, and Collider.

Adam is releasing the debut CD for his new project, Origami, on Oct 13 at Northcote Uniting Church.

Invited to participate in the collaborative exhibition “SMS – Szczecin/Melbourne/Szczecin” by artist and friend, Jarek Wojcik, Adam was encouraged to present something very different to his musical performances. In response to this Adam developed the idea of his music box assemblages, drawing from his musical aspirations and aesthetic sense to inform a more physical form of expression. As a visual artist, Adam has been in several group shows since Oct 2009, with his debut solo exhibition at Catherine Asquith Gallery in July 2010. Adam’s work has just been selected as a finalist for both the Hutchins Art Prize and the Deakin Small Sculpture Award.

Tower of Babel (selected for 2010 Woollahra Small Sculpture Prize)

Interview – The Music Show – ABC Radio National

Oscar Garrido de la Rosa

Óscar complemented his classical musical education in Spain with performances as bass guitarist in various rock bands.

In 1999 he continued bassoon and composition studies in Germany and performed with numerous ensembles, including Ensemble SurPlus and Basel Sinfonietta. He was a founding member of new music group “ensemble chronophonie”.

His compositions have been performed by duo contour, ensemble recherche and the Tiroler Ensemble fur Neue Musik, among others.

Since moving to Australia in 2006 Óscar has been performing regularly with Orchestra Victoria, the Melbourne, Queensland, Tasmanian and Adelaide Symphony Orchestras, Melbourne Chamber Orchestra, Camerata of St. John’s and Clocked Out. He is also a sought after teacher and he tutors at the USQ McGregor Summer School.


Naima Fine
Naima Fine

Naima Fine Fine lives in Naarm on unceded sovereign Kulin nations land. They studied composition at Qld Conservatorium and have an Honours degree in ecology. They’re a 5th+ generation musician: their grandma Joanne Fine was accepted into the London Academy of Music alongside Joan Sutherland and Don Burrows, but couldn’t take it up because they didn’t let married women study there. Naima’s favourite instruments to write music on are old family pianos.

Naima’s creative practice embraces composition, ecology, and activism. They work across artforms, explore multi-media processes and outcomes, collaborate on circus and theatre shows, and occasionally produce their own concerts.

Last year Naima had a work commissioned and premiered in L.A.; did sound design for Sydney Mardi Gras’s sold-out theatre production, The Bed Party; was artist in residence at Tilde New Music Festival; did performative live composition at La Mama Musica and the Copy That Copy Cat Festival; and had a work analysed in Routledge Press’s The Digital Score: Musicianship, Creativity, and Innovation.

Naima’s music has been performed and exhibited in shows, concerts and festivals across Australia, New Zealand, The U.K., China, and the U.S..

Naima loves queer feminist sci-fi, queercore punk, bicycling, and playing in Riff Raff Radical Marching Band

3 Shades Black presents: ‘Moving Scores’, a night of experimental film and music making as part of the Melbourne Fringe Festival.

7pm. Saturday 1st October. Northcote Town Hall.

$15.00 Concession: $10.00 melbournefringe.com.au or call (03) 9660 9666

Moving Scores.

A collaboration between a classically trained new music ensemble and moving image artists.

New films made by visual artists and composers will be screened and performed as ‘graphic scores’ by an exciting ensemble of contemporary music specialists.

Moving Scores is taking experimental music notation and putting it in motion. We’ve taken the map and made it a GPS. Come hear the image and see the music!

Artistic director and founder of 3 Shades Black, Miranda Hill, studied musical performance at the University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, MI; and the Hartt school of music in Hartford CT, with teachers including Steve Reeves, Diana Gannett, and Robert Black. In Melbourne she works as a double bassist for hire with orchestras such as the Melbourne and Adelaide Symphony, Melbourne Chamber Orchestra, Australian Brandenburg Orchestra, and Red Aveline.

“My interests have always veered towards the experimental and fun. Steve Rush, Professor at UofM taught me about bringing laughter to classical performances, and the new set of challenges that arise when you mix artistic genres with a sense of humour and levity. 3 Shades Black is dedicated to making experimental music and performance accessible and transparent to audiences. Taking high-falutin’ artsy concepts and framing them so everyone can appreciate how awesome they are. Not such a big ask, surely.”

“Graphic scores take traditional music notation and remove the rules. The stave lines and clefs have as much meaning as the note heads themselves. These scores, which are art in themselves, are traditionally static images. This show is exploring how the scores and performances will change when the scores are in motion.”

John Cage said that ‘music is all around us’ and this project takes that a whole step further. Clouds, the ocean, Pluto, the road on a night time drive, a sunrise. These are all images we know in one context, and would be given a whole new outlook by being read as a score.

Over the past three months, 3 Shades Black have sought short moving image works  to be read as moving scores from a diverse range of film makers and composers. These works will be projected in the majestic main hall of the Northcote Town Hall and performed live by the 3 Shades Black ensemble.

Visual artists, composers and performers have different concepts of “structure”, and the juxtaposition of the art forms will lead to some unexpected interpretations. While the musical approach to each piece is discussed and rehearsed by the ensemble, there is always room for interpretation, and no two performances are the same.

Ensemble members: Miranda Hill, Alisa Willis, Bettina Crimmins, Oscar Garrido de la Rosa, Ed Ferris, Aviva Endean, Stephanie Kabanyana, Danny Richardson.

Scores by: Alison Bennett, Kathryn Goldie, Amy Bastow, Adam Simmons, Peter Head, Naima Fine, Daniel Armstrong, Cat Wilson, Alan Lee, Bradley Axiak, Stephanie Kabanyana.


Moving Scores
VENUE Northcote Town Hall – Main Hall 189 High St Northcote, VIC 3070
DATES: 1st October. TIME: 7.00pm (90min)
TICKETS Full: $15.00 Concession: $10.00
TO BOOK visit melbournefringe.com.au or call (03) 9660 9666


Media contact:

Miranda Hill 0402 760 055

press images by Alison Bennett: https://3shadesblack.com/2011/09/11/press-images/

Daniel Armstrong

Daniel Armstrong is a photo-media / installation artist and tertiary lecturer. His current research explores relationships between photography and astronomy with a specific interest in how scientific imaging both falters and succeeds at the edge of representation and relationships of the body to space and visualisation of the cosmos. He is also interested in the historical relationships between photography and astronomy, the lens and the telescope and the cultural and philosophical implications of these relationships.

In 2010 he composed and performed a series of installations for light, stained glass architecture and classical guitar; titled Sacred Heart; as part of the In Situ Inhabit project at the Abbotsford Convent.

In 2009 he undertook an Australia Council residency at the Lowell Astronomical Observatory in Flagstaff, Arizona.
It was during this residency that his moving score was derived.

He lives in the rural Victoria where he spends his nights imaging the dark skies with homemade, primitive cameras and telescopes. He is currently undertaking a fine art PhD titled, The Heavens and The Heartbeat at RMIT University.