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Kyla Matsura-Miller, Zac Johnston, Phoebe Green, Paul Zabroworny perform “Dancing with Somebody” by Joe Twist at Homophonic!
Midsumma Festival at La Mama Courthouse Theatre. Photo by Agatha Yim at Polyphonic Pictures.

“Dancing with somebody” is a dynamic and blistering string quartet, bringing audiences to their feet, both in applause and the need to dance! Inspired by the life, career, and tragic demise of iconic diva Whitney Houston. Snippets from her hit tunes are woven deftly into the texture, and the music moves from groove to chaos and back again.

Hear it live, and experience it for yourself on 13th June at Ballarat Frolic Festival, and 7th November at Shepparton OUT in the OPEN festival.

Composer/arranger Joe Twist is one of the most ‘in demand’ (Limelight Magazine) music creators in Australia and abroad, straddling film music and concert music arenas. Twist has received wide acclaim for his music for film and television and is highly sought after as an arranger and orchestrator for many major motion pictures produced in Hollywood. He has created music for renowned international artists and ensembles such as Moby, The Wiggles, The Idea of North, Chanticleer, Voces8, The Choir of Trinity College, Cambridge. and many others.

Twist’s work has been performed and recorded by the world’s greatest orchestras, including collaborations with The Los Angeles Philharmonic, The Hollywood Scoring Orchestra and all major Symphony Orchestras in Australia.

Twist’s works appear on numerous commercial recordings including Twist’s own album Dancing With Somebody. Twist is recognized by the “Grammys” Recording Academy as a voting member in the USA.

Homophonic! is bringing it’s special blend of music, queer stories, and outlandish technique to the Ballarat Frolic Festival!

June 12,


Minerva Room.

Tickets here!

Dark Rainbow. Pic by Darren Gill.

Excerpts from Moonlite, Music: Wally Gunn, Words: Maria Zajkowski.

Dancing with Somebody: Joe Twist

Shimmer: Louisa Trewartha. Written inspired by Bendigo’s Max Primmer.

Safe Hands: Naima Fine. Written inspired by Ballarat’s own Sage Akouri and Rick Youseff.