Homophonic! Pride Prize!

Commissioning an Australian QUILTBAG+ composer

3 Shades Black Artist Director, Miranda Hill with the support of philanthropist Andrew Boyle, are launching a new composition prize to promote and support Australian QUILTBAG+* composers.

The selected artist will be commissioned to compose a work for solo flute to be premiered by Laila Engle at the 2020 Homophonic!

*QUILTBAG+ = Queer Intersex Lesbian Trans Bisexual Asexual Gay +

The competition is in memory of Annette Cawcut, an artist, and great lover of music.

The prize: $1000 commission fee + 3 sessions with flutist Laila Engle, performance at Homophonic! 2020, and live recording from the show.

Homophonic! is an annual celebration in concert form, new classical music by queer composers performed at La Mama Theatre as part of the Midsumma Festival. 2020 will be the 9th year, with sold out houses, and the best new music specialists Melbourne has to offer.

The work: 7-10 minutes, solo flute work +
(* using any combination of piccolo, flute, alto flute, bass flute plus prerecorded sounds, electronic media or auxiliary instruments.)

Who can enter? Queer-identifying Australian composers of any age.

What sort of music are you looking for? Homophonic! covers the gamut of contemporary music. We’ve had everything from Gamelan to Jazz and covers of Pop. Atonal, Serial, Melodic, Harmonic, 12 tone, graphic, experimental, difficult, gorgeous, and difficult and gorgeous. Whatever you’ve got to show us, we’re keen to hear!

How to enter: Submit a composition folio, CV, and a paragraph explaining your ideas for the work via this form.

Applications due: 1st May 2019
Notification: 15th May 2019
Work due: 9th September 2019
Workshopping period: Whatever works for you! We want to support your process.

The panel consists of:
Miranda Hill, Artistic Director, 3 Shades Black
Laila Engle, Flautist, 3 Shades Black; Syzygy Ensemble.
Andrew Boyle, Clarinettist, co-founder of the composition prize
Caerwen Martin, composer, cellist, Artistic Director of Silo String Quartet
Dr Phoebe Green, Violist, curator, commissioner of many new solo works for Viola.

Inquiries: 3shadesblackmusic@gmail.com