3 Shades Black presents: ‘Moving Scores’, a night of experimental film and music making as part of the Melbourne Fringe Festival.

7pm. Saturday 1st October. Northcote Town Hall.

$15.00 Concession: $10.00 melbournefringe.com.au or call (03) 9660 9666

Moving Scores.

A collaboration between a classically trained new music ensemble and moving image artists.

New films made by visual artists and composers will be screened and performed as ‘graphic scores’ by an exciting ensemble of contemporary music specialists.

Moving Scores is taking experimental music notation and putting it in motion. We’ve taken the map and made it a GPS. Come hear the image and see the music!

Artistic director and founder of 3 Shades Black, Miranda Hill, studied musical performance at the University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, MI; and the Hartt school of music in Hartford CT, with teachers including Steve Reeves, Diana Gannett, and Robert Black. In Melbourne she works as a double bassist for hire with orchestras such as the Melbourne and Adelaide Symphony, Melbourne Chamber Orchestra, Australian Brandenburg Orchestra, and Red Aveline.

“My interests have always veered towards the experimental and fun. Steve Rush, Professor at UofM taught me about bringing laughter to classical performances, and the new set of challenges that arise when you mix artistic genres with a sense of humour and levity. 3 Shades Black is dedicated to making experimental music and performance accessible and transparent to audiences. Taking high-falutin’ artsy concepts and framing them so everyone can appreciate how awesome they are. Not such a big ask, surely.”

“Graphic scores take traditional music notation and remove the rules. The stave lines and clefs have as much meaning as the note heads themselves. These scores, which are art in themselves, are traditionally static images. This show is exploring how the scores and performances will change when the scores are in motion.”

John Cage said that ‘music is all around us’ and this project takes that a whole step further. Clouds, the ocean, Pluto, the road on a night time drive, a sunrise. These are all images we know in one context, and would be given a whole new outlook by being read as a score.

Over the past three months, 3 Shades Black have sought short moving image works  to be read as moving scores from a diverse range of film makers and composers. These works will be projected in the majestic main hall of the Northcote Town Hall and performed live by the 3 Shades Black ensemble.

Visual artists, composers and performers have different concepts of “structure”, and the juxtaposition of the art forms will lead to some unexpected interpretations. While the musical approach to each piece is discussed and rehearsed by the ensemble, there is always room for interpretation, and no two performances are the same.

Ensemble members: Miranda Hill, Alisa Willis, Bettina Crimmins, Oscar Garrido de la Rosa, Ed Ferris, Aviva Endean, Stephanie Kabanyana, Danny Richardson.

Scores by: Alison Bennett, Kathryn Goldie, Amy Bastow, Adam Simmons, Peter Head, Naima Fine, Daniel Armstrong, Cat Wilson, Alan Lee, Bradley Axiak, Stephanie Kabanyana.


Moving Scores
VENUE Northcote Town Hall – Main Hall 189 High St Northcote, VIC 3070
DATES: 1st October. TIME: 7.00pm (90min)
TICKETS Full: $15.00 Concession: $10.00
TO BOOK visit melbournefringe.com.au or call (03) 9660 9666


Media contact:

Miranda Hill 0402 760 055

press images by Alison Bennett: https://3shadesblack.com/2011/09/11/press-images/