Dan Richardson. Percussion.

Dan Richardson is a freelance percussionist based in Melbourne. Since completing his undergraduate studies with Guy du Blêt and Peter Neville at the Victorian College of the Arts, Dan has worked professionally across many genres and platforms – from Iranian pop to symphony orchestras, via rock bands, Gamelan groups, and contemporary classical music ensembles. Along the way he toured Europe as principal percussionist of the Australian Youth Orchestra, performed (at ground level, thankfully) with Strange Fruit at Womadelaide, and marched around on stage as a guest percussionist in the Love Never Dies orchestra. He can often be heard but not seen as a guest musician with Orchestra Victoria as they accompany The Australian Ballet and Opera Australia.

Dan keenly accepts most invitations to most things, and particularly enjoys being hosted by the contemporary music ensembles Speak Percussion, Syzygy Ensemble, and 3 Shades Black.

His peculiarly small drum kit makes Dan look rather tall, which is an optical illusion you can test for yourself by attending performances of the rock band Leadlight, the experimental pop quartet Comfort Creature, the Serbian folk ensemble Anja and Zlatna, or the alt-country Dan Waters Band, where the Dan in question is the only band member without his own cowboy hat.

A strong interest in global warming and all things climatological saw Dan complete a science degree in 2011, majoring in atmospheric sciences; which makes him more qualified than most – on paper at least – to perform items such as the rain-stick, the thunder-sheet, and the wind-machine.