Photo by Timothy Arch

Dan Richardson is a versatile freelance percussionist based in Melbourne, where he studied classical percussion at the Victorian College of the Arts, and drum kit at NMIT. He has performed in orchestras, musicals, operas, ballets, rock bands, big bands, Persian pop bands, stadiums, pubs, barns, tents, and open fields, and may well do any of them again – call him.

His playing can be heard on recorded releases from Syzygy Ensemble, Anthony Pateras, Astra Chamber Music Society, Ruth Lindsey, Anja and Zlatna, and (tiny snippets of) Lloyd Webber.
Dan once majored in atmospheric sciences, which makes him doubly qualified to perform items such as the rain-stick, the thunder-sheet, and the wind-machine. Seriously, call him.

This is Dan’s fifth time around at Homophonic. Or fourth. He remembers that he has two children under five, but not much else.