Moving Scores Beijing

Moving Scores Beijing! Performing “Cubular Oceans” by Kathryn Goldie. Photo by Naima Fine.

3 Shades Black is thrilled to announce that Moving Scores is returning to where it all began, the Melbourne Fringe Festival.

October 3rd and 4th, at the Beautiful Bluestone Church Arts Venue, Footscray. 8pm.


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After thrilling shows in a punk club in Beijing, and the Auckland Fringe Festival, 3 Shades Black is thrilled to bring Moving Scores back to Melbourne. With some amazing new films and some old crowd favourites, this instalment of the Moving Scores adventure is not to be missed! If that hasn’t convinced you, we’ve got mulled wine and hot chocolate for sale, on what will most likely be a windy Melbourne Spring night.

Please see our Media Release for a longer and more poetic description of Moving Scores!


Miranda Hill

Charlotte Jacke

Phoebe Green

Zachary Johnston

Oscar Garrido de la Rosa

Bettina Crimmins

Daniel Richardson.

Films by: Kathryn Goldie, Amy Bastow, Alison Bennett, Daniel Armstrong, Julian Maher, Celeste Oram, Adam Simmons, Luci Everett, and a few surprises to come!