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Homophonic! is back for it’s 6th fabulous year. Come join us at La Mama Courthouse for an evening of new classical music by queer composers. Celebrating sapphic symphonists, homosexual harmonies, and the long and proud tradition of composers being as gay as the day is long.

Classical music has a rich heritage of LGBT musicians and composers, and this concert is celebrating the legacy of those artists by performing the work of 20th and 21st century queer composers, in an exciting program featuring famously gay composers alongside new Australian music that is sure to entertain and enlighten even the most experienced concert goer. And we’re thrilled to be back at La Mama Courthouse, in the bosom of experimental art making of Melbourne.

This year we have a new solo work for Viola by Nirmali Fenn, written for and performed by Phoebe Green; a delectable low trio of two bass flutes and cello by Madelyn Byrne; and an exciting new septet by Marc Yeats, among other treats for your ears.

We’re bringing the disco ball to the concert hall! Come along to hear some of Melbourne’s most in demand classical musicians play some outlandishly fabulous music, and experience the sound world of the LGBT composers of today.

Performers: Ben Opie, Laila Engle, Kim Tan, Belinda Woods, Edward Ferris, Sydney Braunfeld, Allison Wright, Zachary Johnston, Merewyn Bramble, Phoebe Green, Jennifer Mills, Stephanie Arnold, Justine Anderson, Matthew Horsely, Laura Tanata, and Miranda Hill.

Conductor: Steven Hodgson.

Composers: Nirmali Fenn, Marc Yeats, Alex Temple, Amadeus Regucera, Andrew Aronowicz, Naima Fine, Madelyn Byrne, Pauline Oliveros,

Directed and presented by Miranda Hill.


It’s a Monday and Tuesday night in January! What better time to come enjoy a degustation of new musical creations? It’s sure to become your new favourite midsumma tradition.

See you there!

<3, Team Homophonic!