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Krysztyna Eira wrote their first composition while walking to piano lessons at age 10. Her recent projects have included Synaesthesia – a live installation suite developed in collaboration with sculptor Velislav Georgiev (Omnibus Gallery, Ballan, 2014) and Nameless the Land Her Names – a performance soundscape exploring our relationship to the histories of the Land, for community voices, variable instrumentation, electronic sound surround, and guest artists including Vicki Couzens and Ron Murray (Ballan Feast 2012).

Kris’s music explores boundary-crossing – between visual and aural, space and time, the transcendent and the mundane, and between performer, composer, and audience. They love recursive and symbolic structures that develop through algorithms and other patterns. Their favourite speed is Very Slow.

Kris also plays in various gamelan ensembles, at events including Festival of Slow Music (2014, 2015), and was one of the hundred percussionists in Pisaro’s a wave and waves(Melbourne Festival 2015, dir. Eugene Ughetti). They have an honours degree in music (medieval musicology) and a PhD in linguistics. In their spare time they are the community linguist at the Victorian Aboriginal Corporation for Languages.

You can find out more about Kris at www.artsatlas.com.au/ceira