3 Shades Black is thrilled to bits and super pumped to announce our next two shows!

First up is Homophonic 2.1 Back by popular demand. 

Friday Feb 1st. 12:30pm, Riverside Live, Hamer Hall.

Homophonic is back! Bringing you more music by the queer and fabulous composers of today. We’re painting the establishment rainbow and bringing the disco ball to the concert hall. Literally. 

3 Shades Black is very excited to be a part of the Riverside Live program for 2013. Come down for a leisurely lunch time concert, have a middle of the day drink and enjoy some fabulous, classical, music.

Palm Court Music, James Sellars.
Spinoff, Charles Wuorinen.
Breathing through a hole, Amy Bastow.
…and more classics of the repertoire performed by a double bass duet.


Phoebe Green,
Miranda Hill,
Peter de Jager,
Zachary Johnston,
Ruby Paskas,                                                                                                                     Dan Richardson,                                                                                                            Emma Sullivan.  


We’re also super excited to announce Moving Scores Auckland!

22nd Feb, Auckland Fringe Festival.


Mt Eden Village Centre,

1 Ngauruhoe St, Mt Eden. 

Entry by Koha.