ImageNat Grant has been playing drumkit and percussion since she was 15, and completed a Bachelor and Masters of Music (Performance) at the Victorian College of the Arts (University of Melbourne). She has studied a variety of solo and ensemble repertoire and worked in the fields of improvisation, composition and inter-disciplinary collaboration.Since 2006 Nat has devised, performed and recorded her own music both in Australia and overseas, creating original musical works alongside other artists and in her own right. Nat has toured the US twice as a solo performer, and has subsequently developed creative relationships with several other artists and educators. Her online collaboration with Californian bass player Steve Uccello has resulted in two completed recording projects and, in 2011, several US performances and a television appearance. In 2011 Natpresented a clinic at PASIC in Indianapolis on live looping and digital processing as performance and compositional tools for percussionists.Nat has developed her own performances to incorporate acoustic and semi-acoustic percussion instruments, loops and various forms of digital manipulation. Her music explores intersections between acoustic and electronic environments, and between composition and improvisation. She performs solo and in improvised ensembles, and has been employed as composer for new and independent theatre, puppetry, dance and film works.

Nat is currently undertaking research towards her PhD, comprising a year-long composition project incorporating a blog and online sound diary, with a new recording posted daily. The project is called ‘Momentum’ and is a chance for Nat to use the internet and recording technology to delve deeper into her compositional processes in a very public way. She also incorporates found sound and existing recordings into the work. Nat invites feedback to the project: recorded, written or otherwise: