You are invited to the first performance of works created by Miranda Hill and Naima Fine while in residence at Lijiang Studio, as part of the Melbourne Fringe Festival.




Featuring work by Miranda Hill, Jennifer Torrence, Naima Fine.

Escape the bright city lights and come with us to the mountains of Yunnan. The white walls of Conduit Arts will be transformed into the mountains and memories of the Naxi people of Lashihai.

This new cross-media graphic score by Miranda Hill explores the melodies of family and natural histories; taking an ancient language and reinterpreting it through new musical expression.

FānYìShān translates the spoken languages of Lijiang into a musical language. It takes the natural melody of tonal languages and joyous inflection of storytelling, and sets them against the imposing mountainous horizon.

This work explores the intricacy of meaning, of what’s gained and lost in the act of translation, of languages not taught in schools and a culture fighting assimilation. It tells a story of lived history, of a changing landscape, and a grandparent’s love.

Performed by:

October 2nd:

Miranda Hill; Belinda Woods; Karen Heath; Matthew Horsely.

October 3rd:

Ben Opie; Lizzy Welsh; Deborah Kayser; Miranda Hill.

Tickets here, or at the door.